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Effectiveness of lumbar supports in low back functionality and disability in assembly-line workers

Enfoque metodológico para el análisis 2D de vídeo en la carrera

Do age and sex influence on functional movement in school-age children?

(¿Influyen la edad y el sexo en la funcionalidad del movimiento de niños en edad escolar?)

Analisis de las variables influyentes en el modelo masa muelle en la carrera de larga distancia

How long is required to undertake step variability analysis during running? A pilot trial

Prediction of power output at different running velocities through the two-point method with the Stryd™ power meter

Minimum time required for assessing step variability during running at submaximal velocities

Is there any relationship between functional movement and weight status? A study in Spanish school-age children

Absolute Reliability and Concurrent Validity of the Stryd System for the Assessment of Running Stride Kinematics at Different Velocities

How does the slope gradient affect spatiotemporal parameters during running? Influence of athletic level and vertical and leg stiffness

Effects of different percentages of body weight support on spatiotemporal step characteristics during running

Lack of Influence of Muscular Performance Parameters on Spatiotemporal Adaptations With Increased Running Velocity